Get to Know the Artist: Miss Marlow

miss marlo

Meet Miss Marlow’s lead singer, Marleen Pfiefer, a new kind of rocker from Denmark. Before meeting up with guitarist Soren Larsen, bassist Trine Wester, and Drummer Jon Clausen in 2012, Pfiefer was formerly a part of the riot garage-punk band, Snatch. Pfiefer now describes her music as “power psych rock” and uses the melody and song structure of the song in addition to the lyrics to tell a story. Read more about Miss Marlow from Gadfly Online’s interview with Pfiefer and be sure to check out their singles, “Something Special” and “Supernova” out now!


The Latest Teacher’s Union


Today’s society doesn’t truly know the great struggles that teachers had to go through to obtain a union. It would be fair to say that teachers are one of the most underappreciated groups of professionals in our country. However the country places great responsibility on them, like teaching our children and in some cases raising our children. We don’t seem to realize that teachers are people too! These servants of the public have a right to earn a living, to be respected as human beings and not just as fourth class servants. We seem not to understand this concept at times.


Get to Know the Artist: Jensen Reed


Today’s featured artist is Jensen Reed, a Los Angeles based pop and hip-hop artist. I had the opportunity to interview Reed and find out more about his musical background, influences, and projects. Reed’s music features a combination of layered genres and earnest lyrics. In addition to his latest single “This Time,” Reed has also released a cover of current hit song “Habits (Stay High).” Reed is reaching out across genres, collaborating with other artists such as The Mowgli’s, and producing music that’s fun to listen to.


Get to Know the Artist: Bebe Panthere


Today’s featured artist is Bebe Panthere, an emerging pop singer/songwriter from New York. When you first observe this artist you may notice her neon pink hair. This is more than a bright hairstyle or fashion statement; this is a reflection of her animated personality that just happens to shine through her music. Shaped by the San Francisco Bay Area punk scene, Bebe Panthere’s has come into her own creative voice and persona, and now she’s bringing energy and individuality to the music scene.


Get to Know the Artist: Will and the Won’ts

unnamed (1)

Meet Americana/country, blues-rock trio, Will and the Won’ts, composed of singer/guitarist, Will Risbourg, singer/drummer, Andrew Bilotti, and singer/bassist, Gui Bodi. After meeting at the Musician’s Institute in Lost Angeles in 2010, the three officially became a trio in January of 2014. For Will and the Won’ts, music is “the most thorough, direct, and concise method of communication that people have come up with.” Read more about Will and the Won’ts from Gadfly Online’s interview with Will Risbourg and be sure to check out their new single, “Wake Up Clean,” here!


Get to Know the Artist: Ménage


mé-nage /mã’nåZH,me-/
1. the members of a household

Gadfly introduces the household of Ménage: a Toronto-based pop/rock trio consisting of siblings Basilio, Bela, and Gabriel Ferreira. Before Ménage was formed, its members had individual success. Basilio and Gabriel played in bands while Bela hit airwaves in Portugal. The siblings reconvened in Los Angeles, and knew that their combined musical talents would create something great. The group is letting individual influences meld together, creating a fusion of sounds.


Kalen and the Sky Thieves Soar with “Island”


Describing themselves as “moody rock,” upcoming band Kalen and the Sky Thieves unveil “Island”, a single that expresses a soulfulness, and maturity that has been missing from the genre for some time. “Island” is a soft but powerful ballad about a relationship affected by one half’s inability to overcome their emotional hesitancy and insecurities. It specifically resonates though, through its honesty in both lyrics and execution. Moving through different tides of such a relationship, Kalen croons for a connection and hopes for the other’s potential growth, but eventually, she accepts the “salvation in letting go.”


Get to Know the Artist: The Hunts

The Hunts - Life Was Simple EP

Gadfly presents Jenni Hunt, multi-instrumentalist and lead female singer for folk-pop band The Hunts. The Hunts recently released their debut EP, Life Was Simple, a sweetly simplistic work full of optimistic themes and sounds. Providing her unique perspective as a member of this all-sibling, mostly self-taught group, Jenni speaks on the band’s new beginning and bright future.


Should We Just Follow Orders? Rules of Engagement for Resisting the Police State


“Let your motto be resistance! resistance! Resistance! No oppressed people have ever secured their liberty without resistance.”—Abolitionist Henry Highland Garnet The perils of resisting the police state grow more costly with each passing day, especially if you hope to escape with your life and property intact. The thing you must remember is that we’ve entered an age of militarized police in which we’re no longer viewed as civilians but as …continue…

Get to Know the Artist: Joanne Weaver


In the search for innovative music, I came across Joanne Weaver, a singer asserting her own fresh perspective on fusing genres and a mesmerizing, sultry voice to back it up. I had the opportunity to interview Joanne, learning more about her musical background, “psychedelic” style, and upcoming projects. Joanne’s personality shines through, revealing an artist passionate about her craft and truly interested in connecting with her audience.