“Everywhere I Go”: the New Punk Anthem

New Politics_Fotor

New Politics are making headlines! Following the success of their singles “Harlem” and “Tonight You’re Perfect,” the trio has recently announced their partnership with DCD2 and Warner Bros., Records, which will house their third full-length album, Vikings. While fans will have to wait until early 2015 for the album’s release, they can enjoy the album’s newly released single right now. “Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens),” has been climbing the charts and feeling the love from listeners all across the country.


Get to Know the Artist: Miss Marlow

miss marlo

Meet Miss Marlow’s lead singer, Marleen Pfiefer, a new kind of rocker from Denmark. Before meeting up with guitarist Soren Larsen, bassist Trine Wester, and Drummer Jon Clausen in 2012, Pfiefer was formerly a part of the riot garage-punk band, Snatch. Pfiefer now describes her music as “power psych rock” and uses the melody and song structure of the song in addition to the lyrics to tell a story. Read more about Miss Marlow from Gadfly Online’s interview with Pfiefer and be sure to check out their singles, “Something Special” and “Supernova” out now!


The Misfit Christian


Carolyn Henderson has published in book form a series of almost 50 short think pieces, laced with humor, irreverent insight, exasperation, spirituality and hope, often uniquely from a woman’s perspective. She seeks to explore how one can be a 21st century Christian, avoid hypocrisy and instead be an independent thinker, all while operating outside of the structure and culture of institutional churches. She writes “for the misnamed misfits of the Christian world, the independent thinkers who question what they hear, and don’t want to do everything that they are told.” To this end she divides her book into seven loosely associated sections which contain provocative independent essays found within the general topic.


The Latest Teacher’s Union


Today’s society doesn’t truly know the great struggles that teachers had to go through to obtain a union. It would be fair to say that teachers are one of the most underappreciated groups of professionals in our country. However the country places great responsibility on them, like teaching our children and in some cases raising our children. We don’t seem to realize that teachers are people too! These servants of the public have a right to earn a living, to be respected as human beings and not just as fourth class servants. We seem not to understand this concept at times.


Fragments of Broken Youth


“All Gays should be shot.” Silence fell around us. Did they hear me, hear what I just said? I didn’t think so, so I said it again. This time, they heard me.

It was 1996. We were hanging out at Carl’s Diner in New Jersey. It was late, and I don’t know how this conversation steered in that direction. I was lost in thought, and then someone said something that dragged me back to reality.


Get to Know the Artist: Jensen Reed


Today’s featured artist is Jensen Reed, a Los Angeles based pop and hip-hop artist. I had the opportunity to interview Reed and find out more about his musical background, influences, and projects. Reed’s music features a combination of layered genres and earnest lyrics. In addition to his latest single “This Time,” Reed has also released a cover of current hit song “Habits (Stay High).” Reed is reaching out across genres, collaborating with other artists such as The Mowgli’s, and producing music that’s fun to listen to.


Fat Faggots Offer Drugs for Sex Pt. 2


After another minute of walking, Dewey departed from the pebble-strewn road and lumbered up the steps to a mobile home. He was tempted to glance over his shoulder and make sure Christopher hadn’t bolted. His guest, however, clomped up the stairs behind him. Dewey assured himself this man would allow Dewey to please him. I am not a freak, he told himself. I can attract a worthy man. Mama’s wrong about me. She’s wrong about everything.

“I’m gonna need to smoke a bowl or two to stay in this shithole,” Christopher announced, following Dewey into the empty mobile home.


Hitting Bottom


Marilyn rarely slept much anymore. She would catch maybe a couple of hours, if she was lucky, but that would be about it. Maybe that’s why she woke with a start from the dead sleep; her internal clock had realized that she’d been unconscious for four hours, had known that was a mistake, and had woken her up with a tap on the shoulder. Even before she floated all the way through the black peacefulness of sleep, she knew she was alone. That brought her fully awake in seconds, not out of fear, but out of a deep, angry sadness.

She lay there quietly, listening to the sounds of the apartment, listening for Luke’s blundering around in the kitchen, or in the bathroom.


Get to Know the Artist: Bebe Panthere


Today’s featured artist is Bebe Panthere, an emerging pop singer/songwriter from New York. When you first observe this artist you may notice her neon pink hair. This is more than a bright hairstyle or fashion statement; this is a reflection of her animated personality that just happens to shine through her music. Shaped by the San Francisco Bay Area punk scene, Bebe Panthere’s has come into her own creative voice and persona, and now she’s bringing energy and individuality to the music scene.