The Giver Revisited


A few months ago, I wrote a movie review on The Giver. While I was writing that review, I struggled to see the wrong in a colorblind and homogenous society devoid of conflict as seen in The Giver. I ended up arguing that the “wrong” in the society was the giving up of control, freedom, and personal choice for the sake of safety. I didn’t really give much thought to the movie after all was said and done until I saw a video clip in my race and ethnicity class of a newly created suburb after World War II. This real-life neighborhood looked eerily familiar to the neighborhood Jonas and his friends inhabited in The Giver.


Get to Know the Artist: Cordelia & The Buffalo


One of the reasons Cordelia Vizcaino of electro-indie pop band, Cordelia & The Buffalo, became a musician was because her teacher told her not to do so. Since then, she has continued to defy rules and fought back with her music, speaking against the Venezuelan military police in one of her tracks, and creating a unique sound inspired by Mexican Indian and Native American tribes. Composed of members from diverse backgrounds, the band’s “purpose is to
 give voice to those who aren’t listened to.”


The Year of The Robot in Cinema: 2015 Takes Us Back to Technophobia


For years we’ve seen films with plots concerning alien invasions or robots out for revenge on the people of Earth. In these stories, Hollywood reflects our fears associated with the overreach and unpredictable side of technology. But why are we so afraid of something we created ourselves? Viewing the social timeline of these anxieties from Hollywood’s perspective, we can see not only the evolution of society’s technophobia, but the driving forces behind our fears of mechanical mayhem.


Jesus Died in a Police State


“If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.”―Lenny Bruce If you buy into the version of Christianity Lite peddled by evangelical leaders such as Franklin Graham, who recently advised Americans to do as the Bible says and “submit to your leaders and those in authority,” then staying alive in the American police state depends largely …continue…

Get to Know the Artist: Language of Shapes


Earlier this month, Gadfly Online was lucky enough to talk to all four members of the Korean-based “psych-fi sci-folk” band, Language of Shapes, composed of four expat English teachers, Tristram Burden (vocals, mandolin, French horn), J.E. Seuk (vocals, mandolin, flute), Courtland Miles (bass), and Bobby Goldberg (djembe), who even challenged us to characterize their music after we posed that question to them.


The Fung Brothers and Post-Racialism

fung bros 4

The Fung Brothers Comedy make a lot of Youtube videos with an Asian-related topic told from a strictly Asian point-of-view. In a recent video, the Fung Brothers explain why: The Fung Brothers make so many “Asian” videos because according to them, no one else is going to start the conversation surrounding issues in the Asian American community (e.g. invisibility in mainstream American culture).


Get to Know the Artist: Canopy Climbers


Get ready to get up and dance with this band! Canopy Climbers is a unique combination of sound, described by some as alt-pop-rock. You could also simply describe Canopy Climbers as fun to listen to! These guys are bringing a fresh new sound to the music scene, utilizing electric beats and sweet synth. While their upbeat pop sound may remind you of 80s hits, they constantly respond to and engage with modern influences, proving that they are an adaptable, dynamic band. Canopy Climbers just released the single “Potion” from their upcoming EP Fever, and are working to release a music video. Until then, get to know the band a bit better with a Gadfly exclusive interview.


The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen in a Police State Is a Dead One


“Do exactly what I say, and we’ll get along fine. Do not question me or talk back in any way. You do not have the right to object to anything I may say or ask you to do, or ask for clarification if my demands are unclear or contradictory. You must obey me under all circumstances without hesitation, no matter how arbitrary, unreasonable, discriminatory, or blatantly racist my commands may …continue…

Get to Know the Artist: Looms


Gadfly presents Looms, an indie rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. The band has just released “Sunshine,” the second single from their upcoming album Waking Days. Looms benefits from a fusion of genres, blending rock with bluesy elements, producing one solid overall sound. Thriving off natural chemistry, Looms continues to make waves and is set to tour the local NY music scene. If you’re looking to expand your indie-rock collection, or simply relax to mesmerizing rhythm, check out Looms!


The Wolf Is Guarding the Hen House: The Government’s War on Cyberterrorism


“The game is rigged, the network is bugged, the government talks double-speak, the courts are complicit and there’s nothing you can do about it.”—David Kravets, reporting for Wired Nothing you write, say, text, tweet or share via phone or computer is private anymore. As constitutional law professor Garrett Epps points out, “Big Brother is watching…. Big Brother may be watching you right now, and you may never know. Since 9/11, our …continue…