Get to Know the Artist: Meghann Wright

meghann wright

Meet Meghann Wright, an emerging singer/songwriter based in New York. Meghann has a background drenched in culture, extending beyond music and the arts and encompassing food, people, and places. With her cultured background it is no wonder Meghann transgresses “genre boundaries,” surpassing established sounds and creating music that stands on its own. Meghann hopes to move listeners with her music, assure them that they are all part of a shared human experience. She finds beauty in music and hopes others find the same.


Get to Know the Artist: Every Flavor Weather Machine

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When you hear or read the words, “Every Flavor Weather Machine,” you don’t immediately think of music, but that’s precisely what Every Flavor Weather Machine is. The band is an octet, something you don’t see very often in today’s popular music. They use a bassist, trombonist, drummer, trumpeter, saxophonist, percussionist, vocalist, and keyboarder to create the many flavors in their music. The flavors that the band offers include funk, soul, blues, gospel, and rock and roll. Some of these flavors or songs have meaning, and some just make you want to dance, according to front man and songwriter, Ben Anshutz (keyboards/vocals). Read more of Gadfly Online’s interview with Anshutz to learn how the band got their name and more, and be sure to check out EFWM’s latest single, “Do What I Can,” here.


The Political Currents of Bronte’s “Us Vs Them”

us vs them

In a world of sugary pop ballads and singles encouraging us all to shake some sort of ourselves, I always rejoice when I come across an artist who writes conscientious, meaningful lyrics. That is exactly what I discovered when I came across Liam McAlary, otherwise known as Bronte, a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. In addition to soulful sound and catchy hooks, Bronte’s music narrates a story. It is through music that Bronte promotes political issues and engages in social commentary.


Get to Know the Artist: Lion’s Mouth


“We have never heard the same comparison more than once, which makes us feel like we have created a sound that really is Lion’s Mouth.”

Meet Chelsea Zareczny and Sara Wexler, together known as the indie-pop duo, Lions’ Mouth. In preparation for their self-titled debut album dropping today (November 18th) on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, and more, the duo talked to Gadfly Online about how their experiences, from volunteer firefighting to elementary school bands, have brought them here today and how their album fits into their overall career arc, which hopefully includes touring where the duo “thrives under stage lights.”


Get to Know the Artist: The Harmaleighs

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Meet The Harmaleighs, composed of 23 year-olders, Haley Grant and Kaylee Japerson. The folk duo met in college and instantly bonded over chips and queso. Since then, they have played alongside some of their favorite artists, including Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. With their new songs that tell stories about “the joy that comes with living,” they are hoping to become favorites of their own of the old and young. Take a listen to their first single, “I Keep Ticking On,” off of their debut album, Pretty Pictures, Dirty Brush, and continue reading to learn more about The Harmaleighs.


Get to Know the Artist: Sarah McGowan

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Today’s featured artist is Sarah McGowan, a recent graduate from New York University and emerging singer. McGowan describes her sound as “sweet with an edge,” and she is currently working toward producing her EP Indian Summer to encapsulate that vibe. As a new artist McGowan is still discovering her sound, but is committed to staying unique and fresh. Read more about Sarah McGowan in this exclusive Q&A, and be sure to check out Gadfly’s previous review of that song!


Get to Know the Artist: Black Whales

tiny prisms

Meet Black Whales, a Seattle based, psych-pop band. This group is adding something new to the pop music scene: a layer of “brokenness.” These guys are walking alongside of the sugary, sweet pop scene and adding their own depth and darkness. The band continues to develop and mix up its sound, never settling on one specific genre but rather fusing several together. Black Whales has recently finished their LP “Through The Prism, Gently” which is set to release November 11, 2014. This LP features a variety of influences and production styles, creating a sound unlike their earlier projects.


Get to Know the Artist: Myke Terry


Meet Myke Terry, former lead singer of heavy metal band, Bury Your Dead. Myke. Since leaving the band, Terry has transformed his sound from heavy metal to a combination of funk and electronica after growing up listening to soul music. Read more about Myke and his transformation in the following interview and be sure to check out his debut solo EP, Red Handed, out soon!