An Unveiling


Cynthia, you should really try being yourself if you intend to succeed
This projection of being an impeccable tease is terrible, please
The endless, senseless deceit tends to be cheap, a weapon you wield
And a futile one at that; you may as well swing a tire wrench at the breeze
Men think you a tired wench & a skeez… for what, your archetypical traits?
I’m gonna have to ask you to abandon the glittering carriage of narcissism with haste
Selflessness… let it nestle into the comfortable bedchamber of your own psyche


Words in a Motivation Seminar…, Gratitude, & Vicious Cycle


You are the graph, I am the social norm.
I am interested in making change as much as I am
an enemy of so-called common sense. I approve of keeping our rubbish in the appropriate places.
Show people they are doing something wrong
and they will thank you or hate you. Common sense leads the sheep astray or in lockstep
with those jack-booted thugs and their greenhouse
gas emissions. Information is not enough.


Queen and That’s Not Love


Looks everywhere. Smile frowns.
They don’t know what to think of her dark brown skin.
Is something unknown? Over here she’s different: she stands
Out. They don’t want to be friendly with her or let
Her in because she doesn’t look like them.
She’s tall…dark as a desolate jaguar.
She might hurt us or take our belongings.
Always skeptical; it’s like she’s not a human being.
Unfair treatment—