Seeing Through the Facade


The time to choose is approaching
for the one to lead the people,
but with lies and illusion
invading our minds and hearts,
how can we tell the lions from the crows?

Melissa R. Mendelson is the creator of the novella collection, Glass Skies Over Home, and creator of the Sci-Fi Story, “Waken Dream.” Both can be found on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.


The Portrait of Dr. Cenotaph


The soul’s departure from the body is prearranged; a token of gratitude
for hosting the rabble, ruse and giving toasts to the crass, amused
The rotary bladder screws were supposed to be fastened, tuned
to an engine-metal cast in a steel-cased projection
Bless these rental caps from the free-baser dentist
Meet the portrait of Dr. Cenotaph, and his real grave expression
Heel raising tension – if you feel shaken, lessen
the locomotion of death: the wheels made the flesh grim


Demons Dance


Rest a forgotten dream as the demons of your past gather on your grave.
Shades of lost friends try to warn you of impending dangers or temptations.
The time of conscience, neither asleep nor awake, vying to show you the future of your past actions.
Fallen friends defending your grave plot facing in.
Dancing demons crawling out of the same plot, hungry for your soul and ready to feast.
Your conscience tired beyond sleep, stolen naps at odd hours—all that keeps the images at bay.
Sleep, the realm of terrors where friends strive to show you shadows of how you helped
while the demons flaunt your shortcomings and failures.