Sept./Oct. 1999

Cataclysm Now
So you think wrestling is for idiots... Well, you’re probably right, but our writer had fun anyway.
By Daniel “Stone Cold” Kraus 

The Prison Playwright
Nick Nolte played him in Weeds. Samuel Beckett thought of him as his son. Now playwright and actor Rick Cluchey tells us why all art, to contradict Oscar Wilde, is quite useful.
By Skip Kaltenheuser

The Black and White World of Rod Serling
The creator of The Twilight Zone had a lot to say about America, but to get any of it on television he had to set his stories in alternate worlds.
By Jonathan Lethem
Plus: Fifteen Great Twilight Zone Episodes

Bone of My Bone, Flesh of My Flesh
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre twenty-five years later
By Daniel Kraus

Honky Tonk Protest
The paintings in Jon Langford’s The Death of Country Music are anything but subtle. And that’s just how he likes it.
By Greg Bottoms

Poetry by Alfred Corn, Michael Lind and Kate Light

The Seven Storey Mountain
Thomas Merton’s classic celebrates its fiftieth year.
By Tanya Stanciu

Oz and Order
A mother, two children and a whopping obsession with the smartest crime drama of all time
By Sarah Buttenwieser

The Existentialist at Rest
Expatriate writer Paul Bowles is ninety and bedridden, but he’s not quite finished yet. Patricia Perkins visits him at his house in Tangier.

The Return of Blind Joe Death
John Fahey and Revenant Records
By Robert Cochran 

The paintings of Brice Marden, a new album by Sarah Dougher, the plays of Edward Albee and more