March/April 2000

Saint Marilyn
Marilyn’s picture is her story. When we see a picture of Marilyn Monroe, everything we know about her spills out. Initially, her own codes and movie magazine gossip.
By David Dalton 

Louis Armstrong

By Nat Hentoff 

Keith Haring
Though he was in demand worldwide, the French claim a special relationship with Haring.
By S. Amanda Davis 

Being Woody Allen
For decades, Monday evening has been Allen’s night to play jazz. This is an appointment so religiously kept that he even played on Oscar night 1978, when Annie Hall won Best Screenplay and Best Film.
By John W. Whitehead 

The American Comedy: A Tryptych of Essays
By Robert Castle 

How Can We Know the Dancer from the Dance?
Gadfly’s Best Films of 1999
By John W. Whitehead 

The Man George Dubya Loves to Hate
Suddenly, a Website averaging ten hits a day, that would have expired in relative obscurity had Dubya simply left it alone, began to get mainstream press coverage.
By Doug Hornig 

Within Our Grasp
The legend of black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux
By Jill Jordan Sieder 

Herndon Ely
The poetry of tin-can bracelets and mismatched gloves
By David Dalton

The best of Marilyn, The Beatles after going solo, Arto Lindsay, Stravinsky and much more.