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Created in February 1997, Gadfly Magazine launched as a full-size print publication in January 1998, morphed into a heftier bi-monthly in the fall of '99, and continued online after the publication of its March/April '01 issue. Called "odd, eccentric and eclectic" by The Washington Post, the Utne Reader selected Gadfly in 1999 for best Cultural Coverage for their Eleventh Annual Alternative Press Awards. "Gadfly's stupendous eclecticism makes this glossy bimonthly second only to the Library of Congress as a warehouse of American pop culture," Utne stated. "And number one when it comes to fun reading." Now online, the print content from specific issues, featuring commentaries on public beliefs, literature, television, film and the arts, is accessible by clicking on the cover of a particular magazine.

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January 98: Over 100 Films That Will Change Your Life/Crazy Continuum of Film/Larry and Andy Wachowski

February 98: Sex Pistols/CBGB’s owner Hilly Kristal/Punk albums/Kurt Vonnegut/Oliver Stone & Gus Van Sant/Blood Simple/Dr. Strangelove & the Bomb/Faulkner and Film/Jonathan Fire Eater/Dr. Viktor Frankl/Stanley Spencer/George Solti

March 98: Francis Bacon/Jimmy Witherspoon/John Prine/Les Enfants Terribles/Renoir's Portraits/The Influence of Painting on Film/10 Recommended Films from '97/Poet Dana Gioia/Sinatra
April 98: Does fame kill?/Ray Bradbury/M.C. Escher/Roger Ebert/Painter Lisa Yuskavage/Pet Sounds/Brian Wilson/Raymond Carver/Conspiracy World
May 98: James Dean/Rebel Males/Jonathan Yardley on Fred Exley/Cool Hand Luke/Roger Shattuck/Egon Schiele/Hüsker Dü/Memphis & The Beale Street Blues
June 98: Hunter S. Thompson/Ralph Steadman/Screenwriter Tony Grisoni/New Journalism/Novelist Laurie Gwen Shapiro/Saturday Night Fever/M. Scott Peck/Hallucinated Alphabets/Artist George Segal/Grunge Revisited/Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady
July 98: Cartoons Are King/Dr. Katz creator Tom Snyder and Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi/Steven Soderbergh/Walker Percy/Springsteen’s Greetings From Asbury Park/Sculptor Alberto Giacometti/First Avenue & 7th Street Entry/Carl Perkins/Cindy Sherman/Joy Division/Anime Alternative

August 98: Nineteen Sixty-Eight/Pat Buchanan/Bobby Seale/Curtis Gans/Alfred Corn/Pete Seeger/David Foster Wallace/Lou Reed/Chuck Close/Linda McCartney/Berkeley's Radical Roots/Ken Kesey


September 98: Van Gogh & Gauguin in Arles/Don McLean/Cheap Thrills, Janis Joplin and Big Brother & the Holding Company/The C.S. Lewis Generation/Why 2001 Won't Be Like 2001/"Lilith Fair: A Dissent"/Pi director Darren Aronofsky/Fear & Loathing in New York/Chicago's The Second City


October 98: The Exorcist/William Peter Blatty/Richard Diebenkorn/Edgar Allan Poe/Charlie Manson/Memories of Glam/Squirrel Nut Zippers/A Rookie Filmmaker/Hoodoo Voodoo


November 98: Outlaw Country/Willie Nelson/Waylon Jennings/Emmylou Harris/ BR5-49/Ernest Tubb/Chaim Soutine/Fourth Annual West Chester University Poetry Conference/Writer Elwood Reid/Ayn Rand/Nashville Just Before the Outlaws Rode Into Town/Uncle Tupelo/Filmmakers Brad Anderson & Lyn Vaus/Dogma 95

December 98: Oprah’s Book Club/Writer William Gass/Jackson Pollock/Flannery O'Connor/Preston Sturges/The Canonization of Pulp/Saved by the Bell/The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus/Singer-Songwriter Mary Cutrufello/The Prieboy Principle

January 99: Top 5 Hits of the Twentieth Century/John Cale/Black Flag’s Greg Ginn/'80s Hardcore Punk/Bret Easton Ellis/Akira Kurosawa/Sweet Dreams, James Dean/Will Oldham a.k.a. Bonnie Prince Billy/Writer Jana Sterbak/Bob Crane


February 99: Hip-hop's Best Years/The Root’s Black Thought/Buddy Holly/Waylon Jennings/Salvador Dali/Breece D'J Pancake/Ralph Fiennes/The Prisoner/Billie Holiday's "God Bless the Child" and "I Cover the Waterfront."/Rolling Stones’ Live Recordings/Theatrical Top 10


March 99: Little Stevie Spielberg/Author Tim O'Brien/St. James’ Folk Art/Psycho/Ray Davies/The Universal Declaration of Human Rights/Sun Ra/Writer Pauline Melville/Shakespeare Festival


April 99: The Ali-Warhol Tapes/Writer Chester Himes/Charles Mingus/David Mamet/Jonestown/Filmmaker D. A. Pennebaker/Winnie-the-Pooh/Olivia Tremor Control


May 99: Frank Zappa/Elvis Presley: World of Hurt/Author Peter Guralnick/Phantom Menace/Annie Oakley/Philip K. Dick's Martian Time-Slip/The Drug Bust of the Rolling Stones/Minimum Mandatory & the War on Drugs/Andy Kaufman: I'm from Hollywood/James Ensor and Christ's Entry into Brussels


June 99: David Cronenberg/Brian Epstein/Iggy and The Stooges/Jonathan Lethem/Francis Bacon/Allen Ginsberg's "Howl"/Frida Kahlo/Novelist Tristan Egolf


July 99: Gore Vidal/Dick Cavett/Pete Seeger/Adventures in Art/Michael Herr's Vietnam/Linda McCartney’s Photographs/Rolling Stone editor Jan Wenner/Billboard Liberation Front/Albert Goldman/Indie Savant


August 99: William Burroughs/Flaming Lips/Hubert Selby, Jr./Sculptor Lars-Erik Fisk/Georgia O'Keeffe/Bernardo Bertolucci/Sony’s Akio Morita/Woodstock/L.A. Theatre Works


Sept./Oct. 1999: Pro Wrestling/Rod Serling/15 Great Twilight Zone Episodes/Jon Langford's The Death of Country Music/Paul Bowles/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre/John Fahey and Revenant Records/Poetry by Alfred Corn, Michael Lind and Kate Light/Oz and Order/The Prison Playwright/Thomas Merton

Nov./Dec. 99: Altamont/Judy Chicago/Gospel Singer Marion Williams/Literary Agent Andrew Wylie/Kalle Lasn/Hans Namuth/Nadar-Warhol/Christopher Isherwood/Lynch vs. Burton/Atari/Writer Mark Slouka/Top Ten Albums of 1999/Paddy Chayefsky

Jan./Feb. 00: Terry Southern/Ronnie Spector/Filmmaker Harmony Korine/Harry Smith/Meredith Monk/Marketing God/The Extra/"Regarding Beauty"/Bluesman Will Roy Sanders/Royal Trux/John Lennon’s FBI Files/Luisa Casati/Jerome Kitzke/Alberto Korda's Cuban Pictures/Banjo Player Tommy Jarrell/The Passion of Joan of Arc, Grand Illusion, and The Messiah


March/April 00: Marilyn Monroe/Louis Armstrong/Keith Haring/Being Woody Allen/The American Comedy/Best Films of 1999/The Man George Dubya Loves to Hate/Filmmaker Oscar Micheaux/Artist Herndon Ely


May/June 00: Michael Jackson/Basquiat/The Immoral and Amoral in the Movies/A Real Beer Bust in NYC/The Man Who Killed Paul McCartney/Singer-Songwriter Jimmy Driftwood/The Beatles’ Break-Up/Rock Fashion/Media Startups/Douglas Coupland


July/Aug. 00: The Blue Man Group/Lester Bangs/Glenn Gould/The Evolution of Pop and the Revolution of Style/Curly/When Killing Makes No Sense/Frankenstein/Female Graffiti Artists/Snuff Films/Machines of Sex and Death/Partridge Family/Incest in Film/The League of Non-Voters


Sept./Oct. 00: Protest Music/Hank Williams/Militarization of Police/Franz Kafka and Film/Dr. Laura/The Last Poets/George A. Romero/Walker Evans/I Once Had a Human Who Loved Me/Monty Python/Bob Dylan and Les Blank/Melville and Malt Liquor


Nov./Dec. 00: Cyber-Rome: Las Vegas/Tom Robbins/Internet Pop/Billy Bragg/Trinity Broadcasting Network/Hottest Black Screenwriter in Hollywood/Judy Blume/A Dachau Memory/Nashville/Authors Who Direct/EL CHE VIVE!/Killer Art/Bonhoeffer


Jan./Feb. 01: Visions of the Seventies/Frank Serpico/Guided By Voices’s Robert Pollard/Phillips Art Collection in Las Vegas/Eleven Mind-Blowing Films/Brando/Composer Harry Partch/Boris Vian/Tom Waits/Allen Freed/Jimi Hendrix/Hank Williams III/Fela Kuti

March/April 01: Lenny Bruce/The Band/Mike Bloomfield/Cocksucker Blues/Clara Bow/10 Great Films of 2000/Religious Thrillers/Yoko Ono/Pee-wee Herman/Boundaries/Ten Great Books/'s Jake Tapper/Corey Harris/Janis Joplin and Bonnie Bramlett/The Saddest Man On Earth/Jew Boy

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